Master Avi ABRAHAM
Founder & Chief Instructor Krav Maga 4th Dan & ShotoKan Karate 5th Dan

Law Enforcement & Military experience
Avi joined World Security & Self Defense Academy as a Security & Counter Terrorism instructor at 2005 and is training Security guards and security forces in Law Enforcement Krav Maga, hand to hand combat, operational shooting tactics, armed and unarmed functions as well as Anti-Terror prevention. Offering training seminars and courses in different aspect of anti-terror situation, such as Active Shooter, hostage situation and more.

Avi is often being invited by State Senators and councilman in New York, to share his expertise in different fields of Self Defense and Anti-Terror prevention events such as Active Shooter Defense course and even Women Self Defense seminars, throughout lectures and demonstration.

Civilian experience
Avi started learning martial arts in Israel at the age of 9, at a system called ‘Dennis Hisardoot’ (Survival) which is a combination of Karate, Judo & Jiu Jitsu, for 2 years. He then switched to Shotokan Karate together with Krav Maga for more than 26 years. Sensei Avi is holding a 4TH Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga awarded by Grand-master Gaby Michaeli and a 5TH Degree Black Belt in ShotoKan Karate by the United States Martial Arts Association.

Sensei Abraham trained under Master Gabi Michaeli as a young Karate-ka and won many local and national championships in Israel and overseas.
Avi was a member of the Israeli karate federation and a member of the Israeli national team in Kumite (sparring) in the years 1995-1998. During those years, Sensei Avraham was holder of the title of champion of Israel for weight up to 70 kilograms. As a member of the Israeli team, he participated in the European championship that took place in Istanbul, Turkey which he was medaled. His respectable achievements contributed to consolidation of the team and has brought honor to Israeli Karate on the local and International field.
Sensei Abraham began teaching children in 1997 at the age of 17. He was certified as a karate, Krav Maga & Fitness instructor by Wingate Institute in Israel and as a Master Instructor by ‘The United States Martial Arts Association’. He also competed and won 3rd place at the United States National Karate Federation championship that took place in Norfolk, Virginia at 2002.

Avi is the Vice President of the well recognized and professional organization, World Security and Self Defense Academy, which provides Self Defense courses and Anti-Terrorism courses to civilians & law enforcement around the world, as well as Academic Degrees and Certificates.

Sensei Avi is welcoming you to join our modern facility in the ONLY KRAV MAGA school in Queens, New York.


Riki Quinn
Martial Arts Instructor & Personal Trainer

Riki (Rivka) Quinn is a second degree black-belt and has been practicing martial arts since she was 7 years-old. She has been teaching karate and self-defense for over a decade. Riki is certified as a karate instructor by the Wingate Institute in Israel, an NCCPT certified personal trainer and as a Krav Maga L-1 instructor by the WSSA. She has certifications in IMPACT, a self-defense course for women to prevent sexual assault. Riki’s goal is to teach people how to defend themselves and to grow physically, spiritually and mentally through martial arts.


Itzik Nissanov

krav magA 1st degree black belt
Krav Maga Level-1 instructor



Idan Levi

Krav Maga 1st degree black belt
Krav Maga Level-1 instructor &  AKM Tactical shooting assistant instructor

Idan Levi’s Krav Maga initial experience began while serving at the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) in a unit called SAMAG-5, Special Forces Police unit, where he trained KAPAP (Military Krav Maga), dealing with Terrorists and criminals.

Idan Joined the New York Self Defense Academy in 2013 and trained under Master Avi Avramcheyiv in all aspects of Krav Maga. Civilian, Military and Law Enforcement.

Certified as a Krav Maga Level-1 Instructor from the World Security and Self Defense Academy, accredited by the Wingate Institute.

Certified as an AKM Tactical Shooting assistant instructor by the New York Self Defense Academy.


William ventura
Personal trainer & fitness coach

William is a martial artist and certified fitness instructor. William has trained in martial arts since the age of 12 years old. He has assisted black belt in teaching young children in weapons and kata. William is a fitness trainer certified coach which allows him to be a personal trainer. Raised by his father who was a body builder in the 1980's introducing William to a life of fitness from a very young age.


Annette perez lopez
karate instructor 3rd dan black belt

Sensei Annette is a Karate 3rd Dan Black Belt. She has studied martial arts for approximately 20 years. She has been a black belt since 2008. Earning the title of sensei and her 3rd degree black belt in 2013. Annette has taught children from ages 4 through 17. Sensei Annette teaches weapon fighting forms and kata. Annette has completed in many tournaments state wide and out of country.


Beka Goginashvili
Karate and Krav Maga instructor

Beka started training at the Republic of Georgia Shotokan Karate-do central federation school in 1998. A Georgian, Caucasian and European various prize winner. Black sea trophy and Presidential trophy winner; Georgian two way champion in contact (Jiu Kumite). He pasted a test for a black belt at December 17, 2008 with world federation chief instructor (WSKF) “Hitoshi Kasuia” when he became certified as a teacher, a trainer and a referee. From the year of 2005 through 2007 he was Georgian national team member. In 2012 – 2014 he went through improvement in Italy at Italian schools at Giancarlo Quaranta and Giorgio Ugrekhelidze. Since 2009, besides of karate, he was actively training in Krav-Maga where his main instructor was Gaby Michaeli, President of the Israeli Karate Federation and the founder of the World Security and Self Defense Academy. In January 15, 2015 he got awarded with a certificate, stating the completion of Krav-Maga instructor course. He is excited of the opportunity he has to pass the knowledge to his future students. see you all in class!