“This review is about my experience with Krav Maga.  I came here because there was a good deal on Groupon for 2 months unlimited classes and have been attending classes regularly (Tues, Thurs, and Sun) for 2 months. Each class was challenging and fun; you definitely learn something new every class.

Sensei Avi is patient, courteous, professional, and has a sense of humor.  Classes are 1 hour long (Tuesdays and Sundays), except for Thursday where classes are 1.5 hours long.  Classes are always interactive because you are paired of with somebody 1v1 to engage in the technique that Sensei Avi wants you to practice. Each technique typically runs for 3-5 minutes depending on the involvement and complexity.  Time passes by way to quickly because you’re busy having fun.  During each practice of the techniques, Sensei Avi does come by to assist you to make sure you’re practicing correctly.

The lessons and techniques I learned from this school are invaluable, and will be something that comes to you almost second nature.  Of course, the more you practice and attend the classes, the more fluent you’ll be.

I currently have to stop taking classes due to upcoming trips, but I hope to be back.  I highly recommend coming here for Krav Maga, and I believe if you call you can schedule a free class to try it out.  It’s definitely worth a try. I was hooked after my first class.”

- Stephen L.

“This is a great facility and the instructor is really good at explaining the techniques and making sure everyone understands the topics, had a very fun and interesting class! will sign up next week!”

- Eugene Gershman

“Great school. Great people. Great sensei. Great place to learn real self defense.”

-Michael Tung

“Avi prepares you to fight against terrorists so bar fights and muggings will seem like child’s play. In all seriousness, if you didn’t do any martial arts before coming here, Avi will quickly bring you up to speed in a very short amount of time. A month in and I’m confident I can handle myself in a threatening situation (against someone who hasn’t taken the class, of course).” 

- Ronald C

“I’ve been taking Krav Maga at this school for the past year. The fighting style is no-nonsense, effective, and direct using intuitive and fluid body motions. Excellent for learning self-defense. Also a great way to exercise and improve overall fitness.

My two boys have been in the Karate class. They’ve gained strength, coordination, and flexibility along with self-confidence.

Overall, an excellent school with great instructors.”

- Nadav Traeger

“me and my best friend was learning krav maga it was a great experience I did used the krav maga when somebody try to rub me it save my life I will recommend active krav maga new York self defense to all my friend and family.”

-Oren Ovadia

“Went for a free trial and I have to say that it was a legit experience, many of the techniques were shown and performed in real-time with a solid walkthrough for each display. Will definitely swing back around.”

- Danny Chen